LBYN Serials Scrape-board Flowmeter (Also called Rotary Vane Flowmeter) is a new type, particular-designed, precise process and assembling positive displacement flowmeter. It has only one rotator, circling with uniform velocity. With feature of precise measurement, smooth running, low noise, long service lifetime, it is widely used to measure liquid from low viscosity to extreme high viscosity.

Patent No.: ZL 02 2 15726.3


1. Superior accuracy to 0.1 %

2. Smooth running and low noise and vibration

3. Long service lifetime

4. Can Match with photoelectric

generator for signal output

5. Double Cases

6. Low Pressure Drop


As is shown in the picture 2, there is a quantificational chamber in the flowmeter body. When the liquid full of the chamber, it will push the rotator rotating by the pressure of the liquid. Counting the rotation will get the flow of the liquid.