During the process of petroleum exploitation, the fluid from the oil well is composed of petroleum together with water and associated gas. Generally, the fluid consisting oil, water and gas is called three-phase flow. Tri-phase Metering System can precisely measure the flow rate and content of each component in the three-phase mixture. Multi-phase Metering System features great oil/gas separation capacity and high precision oil & gas content measurement. As a result the field production of oil, water and gas can be accurately measured in real time. Thus Multi-phase Metering System can help to improve the management of oil field, solve the problems In measurement of single well, many wells and well stations.

Working Principle

Gas from mixed medium will get separated from liquid by going through gas-liquid separating unit, including hydrocyclone separation, colliding to break gas, and gas separating regulator etc. to ensure a thorough liquid/gas separation. The separation is better than 98%. Then gas goes to ultrasonic gas flowmeter and liquid goes to coriolis mass flowmeter with DSP technology that can get water-ratio by its water-oil density difference analysis. The water content accuracy ≤ 5%. After processed by the PLC controlling unit, the measured signals are converted to the data of liquid volume, oil percentage, water percentage, gas percentage, system pressure and temperature. The full automation of Tri-phase Metering System is realized by the PLC which controls the whole System. The control cabinet has TFT display to show real-time status, and it can also be equipped with remote communication via internet.


1. Accuracy

• Liquid relative error: ≤2.5%

• Water ratio relative error: ≤5%

• Gas relative error: ≤2 %


• Liquid flow range: 0-9000 m3/d (0-117938bpd)

• Gas flow range: 0-3000m3/d

• Water content: 0-100%

• Gas content: 0-100%

3.Medium: for all flow pattern;

4.Liquid viscosity: ≤10000mPa.s

5.Pressure loss: ≤0.1 MPa;

6.Medium temperature: 0 to 120℃;

7.Working pressure: ≤4.0MPa (as request);

8.Ambient temperature: -20℃ to +60℃;

9.Data process

• Display for Instantaneous flow and total flow of liquid, gas, water and oil;

• Real time status for system and device;

• Journal sheet;

10.Remote monitoring (as user's request)