MAGYN Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter conducts measurement based on the principle of the Faraday Electromagnetic Induction Law. When conductive liquid flows in a magnetic field and incises the magnetic flux, Induced electromotive force E will be generated in the conductor, as follows:



B----------Magnetic induction density

k-----------Instrument constant

V----------Average velocity in the cross section of a measured pipe

D----------Inner diameter of a measured pipe

When measuring flow rate, the conductive liquid flows at a velocity of V perpendicularly through a magnetic field, which inducts a voltage that is direct proportional to the average velocity. The inducted voltage signal is measured on two or more poles immediately contacted with the liquid, sent to a convertor through the cable, and then intelligentized before it is transferred to and displayed in a LCD or converted into 4-20mA or 0-1kHz output.


Patent No.: ZL 03 263802.7


Feature And Usage

*Independence: When the temperature, pressure, viscosity and density of the measured

fluid changing, the flowmeter will not be influenced.

*Easy Maintenance: No moving parts in measuring tube, so easy maintenance.

*Wide Application: Can measure conductivity liquid, Without reference to fibre, solid or suspending material contained in liquid.

*Easy Installation: Install any angle only need liquid full of the pipe. Straight pipe requires 5D for upper stream and 2D for down stream

*Turndown Ratio: The turndown ratio can reach to 1: 100

*Enclosure: For DN15-DN1200 is IP68

*High Intelligence: Back light English/Chinese LCD display, Menu setting control, three grades password protection, Two-way measuring available, slight signal removal, Auto flow compensation and other function.

*SMT Technical: Intelligence self-detect and self-diagnoses, many kinds of alarming

*SMART Excitation: Low power consumer, zero stability, longtime reliability

*Multi-Signal Output: 4-20mA or 0-10mA current output, Standard Pulse Output, RS485 computer communication output

*Selecting the right lining and electrode material can measure nearly all conductive liquid.

*The power supply system has good voltage vibration adaptability.

Main Technical Datum

Accuracy: 0.3%, 0.5% and 1.0%

Repeatability: 0.15%, 0.25% and 0.5%

Ambient Temperature: Sensor (Separate Type): -20℃~+70℃

                   Converter: -20℃~+50 ℃

        Integral type: -10℃~+50℃

Humidity: 5% ~95%RH (No Frost)

Vibration: Frequency:55Hz


Ambient magnetic field: ≤400A/m

Fluid Temperature: Integral Type ≤+80℃

Separate Type(Rubber Lining)≤+80℃,(PTFE Lining) ≤+120℃

Nominal Pressure:0.6MPa~32MPa         Liquid Conductivity: ≥5u/cm

Power Supply: DC24V±5% or 100-240VAC, 47~63Hz

Enclosure: IP68(For separate type with synthetic rubber lining only)

Output Signal: Standard Pulse output

Communication: RS485 Computer Interface and HART Protocol

Alarm Output: Alive

Electrode Material: Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum, Carbonized Tungsten, platiniridium

Lining Material: PTFE, Synthetic Rubber

Flange Material: Cast Steel and Stainless Steel

Measuring Tube: Stainless Steel

Anti-explosion Grade: Exdeia II CT4, Anti-explosion No.: GYB03542

Flange Standard: Any Flange Standard can be custom-made.